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The accounting services we provide result in the proper keeping of your books, which is the first important step for the successful organization of your Company.
Entry of documents in an accounting program
Keeping accounting books
Issuance and Submission of VAT returns
Publication and submission of tables of intra-Community deliveries and acquisitions
Compliance with the intrastat system (movement of goods within the European Union)
Execution of bureaucratic procedures and transactions with the State (Tax Office, Insurance Organizations, G.E.M.I., Chambers)
Compilation and submission of annual consolidated statements of customers-suppliers
MYF-KEPYO invoice agreement
Compilation and updating of a register of fixed assets
Informing the management every two months or per month about the financial data of the company, as they appear from the kept accounting books
Evaluation of the operation of the internal accounting of the company and suggestions for improvement
Proposal of accounting package (software) according to the needs of the company
Preparation and signing of Annual Financial Statements
Preparation and signing of Income Tax Returns
Dealing with regular, partial or cross-checks by any tax authority
Timely information on debts and payment deadlines